Our story

Bay Services started to run through defining the need for high quality and professional HVAC systems cleaning at Bay Area in 2020 by a professional technician as a family business. Because of the values “Bay Services” embrace it has already been one of the leader cleaning companies at the market. Although our portfolio has increased significantly from the day one, but our main principles have never changed. We believe that looking after of people is crucial and that is why we are loyal to our main principles. As a result of high-quality service, we have been able to establish long-lasting business partnerships with our valuable customers on individual and commercial level.

Our mission

Our purpose is to provide high quality and green solutions to individuals and businesses. We strive to create family-like atmosphere for all our employees while serving to our valuable partners. We relentlessly seek the customers objective of a clean and healthy work environment. Our ultimate mission is to deliver the finest HVAC cleaning service in the market we function through the hiring and training of the only highest quality people availably in our industry.

Our vision

We believe everyone deserves to live and work in clean, safe and hygienic environment. It is our core vision to make it feasible through delivering trusted, reliable, respected and accessible service at Bay Area.

Our Values

As a professional HVAC system cleaning company, we don’t just offer a one-size-fits-all approach to our valuable customers. Instead, we deliver customized an operational excellence business model in order to deliver high quality services. Our core values are: respect, responsibility, honesty and innovation.


As a company we do believe that the foundation of a great relationship between Bay Services and our customers is respect. In order to deliver maximum and smooth experience we are happy to serve everyone with different backgrounds. We strongly support that excellence at Bay Services starts with respecting each other within the organization. All our technicians are well aware of the importance of treating our customers with respect and civility.


Bay Services has responsibility to our valuable customers and as a professional team we always do our best to meet our partners expectations. As knowledgeable and competent technicians our staff perform tasks with maximum capacity and professionalism.


We consider honesty as a cornerstone value for our company. It does not only create a positive atmosphere for all but establish a long-term relationship with our customers. We proudly articulate that the return customer number indicates that we are on the right path at delivering services.


As a core company value, we believe the importance of lifelong learning and applying them at work process. Regularly we send our technicians to different trainings in order to develop themselves and develop their expertise.

What our customers say

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