Kitchen range hood and duct cleaning


from $249 to $599

Main purpose of Range Hood in household is absorption of fats, smoke, dirt and other possible pollutants for keeping your kitchen clean. Failure to timely clean the Range Hood might cause a number of hazards. Being Bay Services, we offer our assistance in taking proper care of your kitchen for ensuring most comfort possible for your household.

Benefits of Clean Kitchen Range Hood And Duct

Regular cleaning of kitchen exhaust system is aimed at preventing possible fire risks. Proper removal of fat and other polluting agents from the system would help to dispose of flammable residues. Thus, protection of people and equipment they use, safety of your family and property is at stake.
Clean kitchen exhaust and vent system means a better air flow. Efficient ventilation system prolongs the performance and productivity of your equipment. Thus, in the end you start saving on energy costs and technical maintenance fees.
Better kitchen air quality directly impacts your mood. Just let us help to maintain the Range Hood and Ducts cleaning by trained specialists.
When entering the exhaust system, fats evaporate up the roof from the stove. That means your kitchen air has lots of fat particles in it and presence of ecological issue. Regular cleaning of the system would keep the enviroment pollution levels low.

From 1 to 3 hours

In order to clean kitchen range hood high pressure steam cleaner (special tool) is used.

By the help of the steam cleaner all dirt and grease is removed completely.

Depending or location and conmatimation level it can take from 1 hour to 3 hours.

In 5 easy steps

Customer places an inquiry for a service via schedule button on the website or by a phone call or from other platforms available.
Customer gets response to their request immediately, get provided with estimates and the job schedule.
Customer gets informed by a phone call or a text message 30 minutes prior to our team’s arrival. They inspect customer’s facility and inform the customer about technical details and final price of the job.
With customer’s confirmation our team complete their job and clean all dirt after them without leaving any traces. After job completion we provide you with the invoice and accept payment in cash, credit card or check.
We always do our best to make sure that our customers are satisfied and recommending us to other people they value.