Air duct cleaning



Quality indoor air presents one of the most important elements for any home. Air vents serve to regulate and deliver this air to every room for comfortable living. 

It is a known fact that the vents become polluted over time, which leads to unhealthy living conditions for you and your family. 

Cleaning the air vents can be tiresome and tedious, but it is a necessity. Delaying this chore might only worsen the situation, creating one of the main problems in your home. Let’s have a look at the importance of cleaning air vents.

Quality indoor air

Importance of air duct cleaning

Dirty ducts contain millions of tiny dust and dirt particles. These particles move in the air and penetrate your furniture and other household items.

The dirt stains on the seat of your chair may not look so harmful, because these particles are microscopic and the human eye is not simply equipped to verify if they are unsanitary.

You would never voluntarily bring mud or silt into your home, so why tolerate pollutants from air ducts? Clean the ducts regularly and enjoy the state of your home cleanliness.

Dust and dirt stains travel in the air and make it difficult to breathe. Polluted air causes coughing and other serious reactions.

People with asthma or allergies are severely affected by polluted air. You’ve probably breathed in polluted air in different places before, but not for long. Prolonged exposure to pollutants is also dangerous.

Using air purifiers is certainly an option, yet not a fundamental and radical solution, as main problem of dirty air ducts still remains.

We all have been once exposed to persistent and continuous unpleasant odors. No matter how many windows you open or how much air freshener you might have used, certain smell might stay for days or even weeks.

Your duct may be filled with mold and mildew which emits these bad particles into the air. Moldy air gives off an unpleasant odor. Cleaning the air duct also eliminates odors in your home.

Technically, having clean air ducts results in more efficient performance of air conditioner. The A/C equipment would not need to operate in robust mode to adjust your home temperature, because the air might move freely. This, in return, would require less electricity and ends in saving your money.

How Your Heating and Cooling System Got Dirty

In 1.5 hours

We do a deep cleaning and use a rotary brush with a special tools.

It takes no more than 1.5 hours and incluides all vents one by one cleaning and sanitizing.

When the job is being done tenants can stay.

The dirt from vents is vacuumed and inside the home is completely kept clean.

While sanitizin vents we use human and pet friendly chemicals.

Sanitizing kills invisiable microbs which can be detrimental especialy to those who are allergic.

In 5 easy steps

Customer places an inquiry for a service via schedule button on the website or by a phone call or from other platforms available.
Customer gets response to their request immediately, get provided with estimates and the job schedule.
Customer gets informed by a phone call or a text message 30 minutes prior to our team’s arrival. They inspect customer’s facility and inform the customer about technical details and final price of the job.
With customer’s confirmation our team complete their job and clean all dirt after them without leaving any traces. After job completion we provide you with the invoice and accept payment in cash, credit card or check.
We always do our best to make sure that our customers are satisfied and recommending us to other people they value.

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