Chimney and fireplace cleaning



According to Chimney Safety Institute of America, fireplaces and chimneys are subject to regular cleaning for health and safety reasons. Systematic cleaning and check of the chimney ensures its efficient and safe usage as well as other benefits.

Benefits of Chimney and fireplace cleaning​

Though CO is an odorless and invisible gas, exposure to it might be fatal. A number of foreign objects (sometimes even bird nests and animals themselves) might obstruct air circulation and flow inside the chimney. In such case instead of releasing outside, CO travels back and might result in indoor air pollution and poisoning home inhabitants.
Clean chimneys contribute to better and more efficient burning of wood in your fireplace. It’s a well-known fact, that when chimney not cleaned for long time, there is a high possibility of its congestion and lack of necessary level of oxygen for proper burning. In result, heating efficiency goes down and negatively impacts heating costs.
Wood flame creates sticky and highly flammable creosote which might cause the chimney fire in a matter of seconds. In some cases, in spite of using gas logs for your chimney, it’s highly recommended to regularly comply with cleaning requirements due to safety reasons.
Failure to regularly clean the chimney might result in smoke (visually detectable comparing to CO) enter the indoors. Proper cleaning makes the exhaustion smoke release outside as expected.
During exploitation of chimney, temperature might cross 1000°F, what entails chimney inside to cover with particles of wood, ash and dust. After prolonged usage, serious consequences might arise. Proper and timely chimney cleaning would save money on costly repair. Let our trained and experienced personnel take care of your chimney in time!

Removing soot

Chimney and fireplace cleaning mainly include removing soot inside.

By the help of the special brush soot is removed and while working the environment is kept clean.

In 5 easy steps

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