Filter replacement



The US Energy Department recommends regular technical maintenance of air conditioning systems for increasing its efficiency and improving performance. The integral part of this problem is the change of the filter.

Benefits of timely A/C filter replacement

Properly and duly used A/C filter significantly protects air in your home and working space against air pollutants and dust particles. This particularly positively impacts first of all, those who are affected with problems in respiratory tract, elders, children and all other members of your family.​
Upon wear and tear of air filters, foreign objects, tiny scruff and other particles might get into the air circulation system of your A/C. Ensuring a good quality air filter and lack of extra dust and any trash in it would spare you costly repair of the whole conditioning system.
Most HVAC specialists recommend air filters to be replaced every three (3) months. Any dirt of trash within the filter imposes greater load on cooling system output by preventing the air flow. Regular change of filter would yield to prolonging life cycle of A/C, and free air flow indoors. If you notice shortages in the cooling and heating system of your house, please check filters in the HVAC system before calling Bay Services.

Filter types

Depending on type and size intake filters are changed.

Regular filter changing keeps ducts and inside the home more clean.

In 5 easy steps

Customer places an inquiry for a service via schedule button on the website or by a phone call or from other platforms available.
Customer gets response to their request immediately, get provided with estimates and the job schedule.
Customer gets informed by a phone call or a text message 30 minutes prior to our team’s arrival. They inspect customer’s facility and inform the customer about technical details and final price of the job.
With customer’s confirmation our team complete their job and clean all dirt after them without leaving any traces. After job completion we provide you with the invoice and accept payment in cash, credit card or check.
We always do our best to make sure that our customers are satisfied and recommending us to other people they value.